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Why is DSA - Software the ideal source for Warehouse Management Software?

Commitment to Service and Support: DSA - Software does more than produce the best Warehouse Management Software at our price point. We offer consulting services to ensure that your software installation is tailored to your needs, and provide training to insure that our solution can be operated effectively by your people. Ongoing education is available to ensure that employees, at all levels, are trained properly. What’s more, our customer support staff is knowledgeable and highly responsive, so if you need help, you’ll receive it promptly!

Deep Industry Roots = Experience and Expertise: Drawing from more than 75 years of experience in warehousing, and over 15 years in the software industry, our Warehouse Management Software is based on a practical understanding of how a warehouse operates, what kinds of problems occur, what can be done to solve them, and where opportunities can be found to increase efficiency. And that means that FOXWARE won’t just solve the problems you face today, but with its built-in flexibility, will solve the problems you may face tomorrow.

Affordability: Compared to other Warehouse Management Software close to our level of sophistication, FOXWARE is exceptionally affordable.

At DSA –- Software our goal is to provide real solutions to the problems you face on a daily basis. That means our FOXWARE Warehouse Management Software has to meet your current needs, and be flexible enough to grow and change along with your business. When we implement a solution, we take a partnership-based approach, which reflects our commitment to providing robust, flexible software; and satisfying service and support.

Our implementation process includes six steps:

1. Executive Overview

This initial phase answers three questions:

  • Where is your organization now?
  • Where should it be in the future?
  • What will it take to get you there?

During this process we uncover opportunities for cost-savings and more timely information access, and we review high level strategic, operational, and system requirements to meet these demands. We determine our role in the entire process, and above all, we listen.

2. Business Requirements Study

We conduct a "warehouse tour" -- observing and identifying the specifics of your business: how you do what you do, and why. Our staff conducts interviews with personnel from the warehouse floor to the executive suites (including customer service, operations, MIS, and accounting groups). Instead of merely selling you a system that mimics your current procedures, we find ways to increase efficiency and solve your problems before implementing your Warehouse Management Software.

3. Presentation & Demonstration

At this stage we present our findings and plans on how to meet each of your requirements and achieve your goals, and we give you a live demonstration of FOXWARE's capabilities – usually at a live site with an environment similar to your own.

4. Implementation Plan & Installation

DSA –- Software’s hands-on approach intensifies as we map out details of how FOXWARE will be applied to and customized for your business, and we’re on-site as often and for as long as needed throughout this process, testing all modules and ensuring that customized functions and features perform to specifications. You’ll find that DSA –- Software’s expertise in project management sets us apart from the rest!

5. Customer Education

We provide customized training for all personnel who will interact with the system. This includes hands-on, in-house education, paper and practical exercises with the RF units and workstations, as well as administrative and management training. We make sure your employees are comfortable with the new technology and procedures, helping them make the most of FOXWARE's vast capabilities.

6. Customer Support

Our commitment to a long-term partnership with you is underscored by our dedication to ongoing customer service. DSA - Software provides 24-hour phone/online support as well as a web-based Help Desk. We also offer a range of services to keep FOXWARE up-to-date with your business and your business up-to-date with FOXWARE. These include training for upgrades or new employees, customization services for growth and change, and project management/consulting services.

This six step process reflects our commitment to partnership—we do more than sell our software, collect payment and say “good luck”; we become partners with our clients, providing them with software solutions which help them realize their long-term goals. For specifics on how our Warehouse Management Software can save you time, money, and even headaches, click here.